Our Menu

We keep our menu fresh (literally) by changing salads, dips, and our specials weekly taking advantage of locally grown, seasonal vegetables and fruits when we can get our hands on them. We take as many local ingredients as we can and then add our own Middle Eastern flavour to them, creating  our mezze; a selection of  small plates such as falafels, dips, salads and breads. 

Our menu in Mezze is vegetarian with the odd meaty special. We want to let the veg shine, to give more options for people to eat more vegetables whether they’re vegan, vegetarian, flexitarian or just like a good falafel. 

Check in with the Mezze team at the deli or contact Nicola for this week’s specials. You can also order many of our dishes from our online shop or by phone on 0894602118 to pick at at time that’s good for you. Please note that we may not be able to take your call during busy times such as at lunch time.




Chickpea, sesame & herb falafel patties, hummus, zhug, tahini & cabbage & carrot salads (VG:1,11)



Hot fried aubergine, egg, chopped salad, zhug, amba & tahini (DF,Vg): 1,3,11)


Mezze with falafel plate/box


Choose from our deli dips, salads & sauces, served with falafel and pita wedges (VgO, GFO)

Chatif plate/box


Dips, pickles, olives & lavosh flatbreads/GF crackers (VgO,GFO)

Small plates

Falafel (5) with tahini & harissa


Side salad








GF Crackers



Pita with hummus – half/full (Vg:1,11)


Pita, hummus & falafel- half/full (Vg:1,11)


Mini mezze (allergen vary)


Falafel, dip, carrot sticks/salad, pita wedges, eggs & challah toast (1,3,11)


from the kitchen



Poached free-range eggs in mildly spiced tomato sauce with hummus, two salads & pita wedges (VgO,GFO,1,3,11)
Can also be served with a pita (=more bread less salad)



Egyptian style omelette with 3 free-range eggs, herbs, onions & cumin served with pita wedges, jajik (yoghurt dip) and chopped salad (GFO,1,3,7,11)

French toast


Eggy challah bread with Greek yoghurt and seasonal compote (1,3,7,8,11)

Challah toast


with butter & house made jam (1,3,7,8,11)

Sharing Platters

Sharing Platters for two or more people for here or takeaway

Brunch platter

€12 per person

Choice of eggs with our range of dips, salads, pita bread and tea/coffee (VgO,GFO,1,3,7,11)

Mezze platter

€12 per person

Our range of dips, sauces, salads, falafel, pickles, olives and pita bread (VgO,GFO, allergens vary)

Sweet plate/box


Fro 2 to share –  selection of 3 sweet treats and nuts (1,3,7,8,11)


Cold drinks in the fridge

Americano €2.80

White Coffee €3

Barry’s Leaf Tea €20

Herbal Tea €2.20

Fresh Mint Tea €2.20

Hot Chocolate €3

Iced Coffee Latte €3/3.20

Orange Blossom Iced Tea €3

Glass house white/red wine €6

1/2 bottle red/white wine €11


See our Specials Sign at the Till for this week’s special

Allergen Info
Our mezze (salads & dips) change daily please advise the server if you have any dietary requirements or allergens.
Our food contains the following allergens: 1= gluten, 3= eggs, 4= fish, 5= peanuts, 7= milk, 8= nuts, 9=celery, 10= mustard, 11= sesame, 12=sulhites, DF= Dairy Free, Vg= Vegan, VgO= Vegan Option Available, GFO= Gluten-free Option Available