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Middle Eastern Food Made to Share hardback cookbook


Pick a copy and cook some of your favourites from Mezze.

We started Mezze because of our love of sharing food with others. Middle Eastern food is food made to share;  mouth-watering dips mopped up with fresh breads, crispy herby falafels, colourful fresh salads, slow-cooked meats and syrup drenched desserts served on platters to share.

This book is a collection of recipes and menus that we’ve shared at Dvir’s home in Israel,  with my family in Ireland,  with our friends and our customers in Mezze. With our cookbook we want to show you how you can create Middle Eastern food which is easy to prepare and ready to share whether you want it for a family dinner,  party, picnic or feast.



Authenticity is a wonderful thing in a cookbook, but it’s not always a given. However in Mezze: Middle Eastern Food to Share, it shines out from every utterly absorbing page. Dvir Nusery and Nicola Crowley’s debut cookbook, which gets its title in part from their thriving deli, cafe and shop of the same name in Tramore, Co Waterford, is a great read, as well as a valuable source of approachable, family-friendly recipes.

Marie Claire Digby, Irish Times, June 2022


The best food people are explorers, always eager to set out somewhere new, untroubled by the idea of a destination. 

The journey, the discovery, is what it’s all about. It’s not what they know that counts: it’s what they want to know.
Ireland’s great culinary explorers are Nicola and Dvir, of Tramore’s These guys have travelled around the block: they met on the side of a glacier in New Zealand, a long way from Nicola’s native Ireland and Dvir’s native Israel. After eight years together in Tel Aviv, they packed up the kids and their belongings and came to Ireland.

Having no experience in the food business, they decided to start a food business.
They kicked it all off with a pop-up at the Waterford Harvest Festival in 2015, using borrowed gear. Seven years later, they run one of the best-loved restaurants in Ireland – Mezze – and now they have written a charming, darling book about their work, entitled “Middle Eastern Food Made To Share”.

There are many books about the foods of the Middle East, but none with the charm and generosity of this dote of a book, and its secret lies in that subtext: Made To Share. This food is designed to be served family style: small bowls and big plates in the centre of the table with everyone helping themselves and passing the plates. If you have eaten in Mezze, if you have wolfed down the incredible breakfast pita with mashweya dip and harissa, or the incredible falafels with hummus, and sipped that magical mint tea, then you will want to have the secrets of these recipes in your own kitchen.

The voices of Nicola and Dvir ring strong and true from these pages, the voices of two explorers, setting out somewhere new with every day.

McKenna’s Guides review, Facebook, June 2022